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Understanding the customer journey and designing more than just websites or mobile application, an experience and story is the difference between ok websites that function well and a website that captures your audience no matter what industry you are in. We build out and model every website with the customer in mind. Our designers work closely with the development team during the handover phase to ensure everyone on the team understand the rationale behind the complexities of the customer journey and their purpose for visiting your new website or mobile application.

It all starts with a conversation to find the best fit solution for your digital challenges. We invest the time getting to know each other, your business, its goals and whats important to you and your customers.

Specific Services

Brand Guidelines

Do you have them?
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User Interface & Experience

What does the user journey look and feel like? What are the user stories?

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Let’s bring it all to life in a clickable
prototype. Ask us for a walkthrough!

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Design Methodology

The initial requirement is to provide a customised design as the first phase for the developing any application. The focus is on design thinking to visualise each module following the user journey. This methodology and thinking assists with understanding the design process while accurately providing you with a visual representation of the finished product.

  • Branding Principles
  • User Flow - Stories
  • Wireframing
  • Clickable Prototype

We explore various design patterns, industry trends colour palettes and material design. It's important the overall design is a representation of the values help by you and your market.

This initial process sets the foundation for the development team while giving you confidence in the look, feel and user experience your customers will go through.

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