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  • Customer     :    Internal GOVT Project
  • Website      :    www.impactapp.com.au
  • Category      :    Mobile Application IOS/Android
  • Date              :    15th March, 2020
  • Tags              :    Apps, Contact Tracing

Minimise the Spread of COVID-19 in Australia


Using anonymous Bluetooth markers to trace interactions, the app runs on Android and Apple smartphones, is easily set up, and is operational right away. When an active COVID-19 case is confirmed, this data allows high risk individuals or areas to be identified and actioned quickly.

Project Overview

What does ImpactApp do?
ImpactApp helps prevent COVID-19 spread by allowing our phones to anonymously trace interactions. When an active COVID-19 case is confirmed, ImpactApp allows for immediate communication to those at high-risk. ImpactApp also serves relevant updates and information around your and your community’s health and COVID-19 status.

What are ImpactApp’s core features?
1. Simple & Secure Registration - Phone Number Verification
2. Anonymous Contact tracing - Using anonymous bluetooth interactions, ImpactApp logs your interactions, without exposing anything about you, or them.
3. Reliable Updates from Reliable Sources - ImpactApp serves information directly from Government and Health
4. Authenticated COVID-19 Risk

The User Interface

Project Result

At this point we are all sad that we weren't be able to launch our application within Australia. The Australian government decided to go with their application called COVIDSafe and requested we don't release Impact as it may create confusion for the Australian public. As a result, we reached out to the international market and ended up launching the application alongside the Bangladesh Government to assist with their fight against Covid-19 while leveraging our proprietary contact tracing technology.

Summary Overview

  • Conceptualised and built ImpactApp in 10 days
  • Worked with and presented contact tracing solution to the Australia Government and the DTA (Digital Transformation).
  • Generated interest and presented globally with the likes of AWS, Xero, Atlassian, Apple and Microsoft
  • Generated interest and presented to international foundations such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the W.H.O
  • Generated interest and presented to international Governments including, India, Bangladesh, Israel, South Africa and Thailand
  • Launched in partnership with Bangladesh Government

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