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5k From Home

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  • Customer     :    Internal Project
  • Website      :    www.5kfromhome.com.au
  • Category      :    Mobile Application IOS/Android
  • Date              :    3rd August, 2020
  • Tags              :    Apps, Melbourne Lockdown

Helping Melbourne Get Through Lockdown

5k From Home

5k From Home easily identifies your 5k radius from your home and alerts you if you travel beyond 5km from home. #GetOnItMelb 5K From Home is an app made by the people, for the people of Melbourne. It is Melbourne owned and your privacy is of critical importance to us. Your data is stored locally on your phone and is 100% anonymous.

Project Overview

With all of the uncertainty around how far 5km from home actually is, we wanted to make things easier for both ourselves and the community. We decided to create a free anonymous mobile application that all Melbournians could download called “5k From Home”. 5k From Home allows you to easily identify your 5k radius from home. When you are approaching or travel beyond your 5km radius you’ll receive a notification and alert.

We truly hope that 5k From Home makes your life that little bit easier!

#GetOnItMelb #5kFromHome | #5kMelbourne #DoYourPart

The User Interface

Project Result

As much as we wanted to be able to help the people of Melbourne to avoid fines, know their 5k radius and be alerted if they went beyond their 5k, unfortunately we were not able to get approval for our app to proceed. The reason being is that "5k From Home" was deemed to be COVID-19 related and any COVID-19 app requires government support to be released.

As a result, if you would like to test and use the application personally, you can request either the IOS or Android APK from us using the above download buttons. We will then send you a link to download the application directly to your phone.

Summary Overview

  • 2nd August - Stage 4 Restrictions Announced by Daniel Andrews, including a 5k radius from home for shopping and exercise and a nightly curfew imposed from 8pm-5am each day.
  • 3rd August - "5k from Home" conceptualised and designed for the people of Melbourne.
  • 4th August - "5k from Home" development commenced.
  • 9th August - "5k from Home" was complete and submitted to the app stores.
  • "5k from Home" was rejected by the app stores for being COVID-19 related and requiring government support.
  • "5k from Home" was resubmitted and the app stores directly contacted, wuth no avail. It was made clear to us that "5k from Home" would not be approved.

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