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ViaYou - Team Communication Platform

ViaYou - Team Communication Platform

  • Customer     :    ViaYou
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  • Category      :    SAAS & Mobile Development
  • Date              :    October 2019
  • Tags              :    Web Platform, Apps, SAAS

Team Communication The Way It Should Be

ViaYou Business

Share, create projects, teams, groups and record video-calls while carving out a clear communication channel that gets things done.

ViaYou was developed as a SAAS platform to make modern centralised business video and project communication, simpler. The concept focused on a centralised user friendly feature rich cloud platform bringing together tools teams use on a daily basis.

It was developed to bring together the functionality of Zoom, Slack, Trello and Dropbox in one platform to help teams and individuals communicate and share relative information for any project within the platform. It was made to be easy to use and increase productivity while reducing internal alignment issues between team members.

Project Overview

An all-in-one team communication and project management tool. ViaYou Business will replace the need for companies to use multiple software’s at lower cost per users. Through our research and business relationships we have discovered many businesses, small, medium and large use multiple software for internal communication and project management.

ViaYou business makes it easy to manage, internal teams, third party clients and business relationships while being able to hold individuals accountable for tasks they are responsible for.

The value of our proprietary IP integrated within the platform means more transparent communication while assisting everyone involved in a project or within a team, remain on the same page.

Project Result

Summary Overview

  • Built 2x video based Mobile applications for the company, evolving into ViaYou Business SAAS Platform
  • Our Team, designed all assets, user journeys and brand reputation guidelines including assets
  • Designed the SAAS ViaYou Business platform architecture and functionality feature set alongside the client
  • Developed a custom video conference integration tool and created the strategy for monetisation and market launch
  • Developed v1, V2, V3, and V4 of ViaYou Business and deployed as Alpha for testing with user acceptance testing
  • Started redevelopment for official launch of ViaYou Business for April 2020 Launch
  • Project put on hold in March 2020 because of funding constraints.

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