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ReZme - Bookings Direct

  • Customer     :    RezMe Pty Ltd
  • Website      :    https://rezme.com
  • Category      :    Web Platform (Bookings Direct)
  • Date              :    2019 - 2021
  • Tags              :    Web Platform, SAAS

Hotel Bookings Direct - A Better Future For The Hotel Industry

ReZme - Bookings Direct

ReZme (short for ‘reservations for me’) is a new technology start-up company, founded by Matt Taylor and Luke Young, who are shaking up the travel and hospitality industries. Through providing a subscription-based software as a service (SAAS) platform, ReZme plan to save accommodation providers thousands of dollars by allowing them to design and manage their own websites and digital channels, to ensure a better online experience and encourage direct booking, rather than going through third-party booking services and online travel agencies who are charging increasing commissions.

Project Overview

With over 7,000 accommodation providers in Australia, and more than 700,000 worldwide, ReZme have the potential to globally scale and completely revolutionise the industry and the way accommodation providers interact with their customers through a direct channel.

“Not only does ReZme increase productivity by making direct online marketing so much simpler, it empowers the business to take full control and view all performance analytics in one easy to understand dashboard. The cloud-based software significantly reduces both set up costs of digital channels and ongoing management, while also allowing access to best practice marketing techniques and tools,” said Luke Young.

The User Interface

Project Result

The SAAS Platform encompasses a drag-and-drop interface and brings all communication channels into the one platform. The platform provides an easy website builder with booking functionality and inbuilt SEO, allows for social media management and email marketing, and also makes communication easier for international travellers with the ability to translate into over 100 languages.

Summary Overview

  • ReZme has been trialling their platform in 25 hotels over the past 6 months and are currently in the process of raising $800,000 for further development of the platform for new features and integrations to be included to target an initial 1,000 Australian accommodation providers within the next two years.

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