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Beat It

Improving Your Men's Mental Health

  • Customer     :    Beat It
  • Website      :    https://www.beatit.guru
  • Category      :    Mobile Application - Android
  • Date              :    3rd August, 2020
  • Tags              :    Apps, NoFapp

“Get inspired, feel alive and change your habits.”

Beat It

“Beat It” is the only #NoFap all-round mobile application, which has been developed to improve the physical and mental health of people struggling with an addiction throughout the world.

Project Overview

Features include:

- An integrated 90-day calendar to help users stay in control on their journey
- Motivational and inspiring stories from the community
- Helpful reminders and alerts to keep users on track
- Users can set personalised goals to achieve

Project Results

Project Result

Since the app release in August, and are now growing by 1000+ downloads per week on the Google Play Store. The results are premature at this stage, however the numbers continue to grow as the company further invest in further digital marketing and social engagement strategies with our team continuing to assist.

This app promises to improve participants dopamine levels, reduce their feelings of guilt and to help them overcome their addiction while supporting mens’ mental health.

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